Our Commitment to Equality
Athenaeum University actively promotes a policy of equality with regards to race, sex, nationality, socioeconomic class, age, ethnic background, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, and physical ability.

A Statue of the Goddess Athena (c. 340 BCE)

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Athenaeum University is run by a group of highly experienced professionals and academics in the fields of the Behavioral Sciences, Mental Health, Complementary Therapies and a number of other related fields.  The group’s primary aim is to provide high quality training and to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of our students and graduates in all fields taught at our university, particularly in psychology, counseling and psychotherapy.  Our aim is also to contribute to the advancement of these sciences through innovative research conducted by our staff, students and graduates.

The members of the Athenaeum University group are also committed to the study and research of ancient Greek discoveries concerning the mind, or psyche, consciousness and the nature of the reality we live in.  We are also committed to the study and promotion of traditional Hellenic ecumenical ideals, as well as Hellenic philosophy, thought, science, history and prehistory, religion and mythology and their integration into modern realities. In addition to providing high standard education in the mind and other related sciences, our ultimate ambition is to gradually create a cyberspace society of freethinkers. A center for the free exchange of knowledge and ideas, a center where new concepts will be integrated with age-old knowledge and wisdom producing new syntheses which will expand our present intellectual, cultural and scientific horizons. A place in cyberspace similar to the Athenaeums of Ancient Greece, but international in scope. In Ancient Greece, the word Athenaeum (click here to read Vimax pills review) referred to buildings dedicated to Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, intelligence, learning and the arts and protector of the city of Athens to which she gave her name (Athena in Greek).

The largest of these temples was built in Athens, Greece, where the most celebrated poets of the time often assembled to read their compositions and enlighten the masses. In early times, the word Athenaeum referred in particular to a specific temple in Athens where poets, philosophers, and orators gathered to read and discuss their work, but soon other centers of learning also came to be known by that name. Scholars gathered at the Athenaeums to exchange ideas and, in time, many were given salaries so that they could pursue and share scholarly endeavors. They were, quite possibly, the first teachers in history to be paid for their services.

In the spirit of ancient Athenians, and ancient Hellenes in general, we aspire to utilize modern communications technology to create the first modern worldwide Athenaeum open to all people of the world and dedicated to the exchange and dissemination of all types of knowledge, both traditional and modern, conventional and unconventional in nature.

We offer a variety of certificate, diploma and degree programs that have been developed and are taught, both on-campus and online, by distinguished scholars and professionals, experts in their fields. We continually review our programs to ensure that our instruction is current and comprehensive, and that our course materials are relevant. Our goal is to meet or exceed the standards of well-known colleges and universities offering similar programs.

John S. Dovelos, Ph.D.
Chief Provost