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The comment on Athenaeum University that appeared on ODA’s website until mid-August, 2005 read as follows: “The type of degree authority held by this entity is not recognized by Oregon State.” That was a fair and true comment since Oregon has its own laws and regulations concerning recognition and acceptance of foreign degrees. These laws are of course applicable only within the state of Oregon and differ from those applying in other U.S. states as well as other countries.

The above fair and true comment was based on a specific agreement between Athenaeum University and ODA that was reached during personal communications
between the chief officer of Athenaeum University and Mr. Alan Contreras, the person who manages single-handedly evaluation of degrees in Oregon. Mr. Contreras also offered to have Athenaeum University and its programs formally evaluated by ODA, so that its degrees could possibly gain acceptance for use in the state of Oregon. This offer was declined by Athenaeum as we have no particular interest in being recognized by individual U.S. states. However, the fact that Mr. Contreras made a clear and specific undertaking to Athenaeum and proceeded to post the above fair and true comments on the ODA website and, also, his offer to have Athenaeum formally evaluated by ODA so that its degrees could be accepted by Oregon state, is clear evidence that, despite the fact that Oregon did not recognize Athenaeum’s type of degree authority without such an evaluation, Mr. Contreras considered Athenaeum to be a genuine, valid and legitimate university that offered real educational programs to its students. I trust that everyone will agree that no such formal evaluation would have been offered by a State Authority to a suspect school or a school that was regarded as “bogus”, “not genuine” and whose owner was involved in “scams”, characterizations included in Mr. Contreras’s current deliberately false and defamatory comments about Athenaeum University.

However, in about mid-August this year, Mr. Contreras’s previous comments about Athenaeum on the ODA website were suddenly and without warning replaced by the current fabricated, false and defamatory comments about the university and its owner. Please note, that the current comments were not preceded by and are not based on any type of investigation or research of Athenaeum, its programs or degree authority by either Mr. Contreras or his office. We must stress at this point the fact that Athenaeum University has never been investigated by ODA in any way whatsoever.

This change in Mr. Contreras’s comments about Athenaeum coincided with a fabricated and libelous article published in the Times Higher Education Supplement that provided inaccurate, distorted, misleading and irrelevant information about Athenaeum University and also contained a “comment” by Mr. Contreras. That was followed by an orchestrated and concerted vile attack against Athenaeum and its chief officer by the regular posters of a discussion forum frequented by Mr. Contreras and his friends. There is convincing evidence that Mr. Contreras, who does not possess the formal qualifications or expertise required for the proper performance of the duties entailed in his position, often relies for his “evaluations” of schools on information and advice from equally unqualified private individuals members of the above public discussion forum. For evidence of this practice, please see Saba medical school and, for more information on Mr. Contreras’s improper and unethical practices, please visit Alan Contreras slips up again, Alan L. Contreras article slammed - ODA's bias made clear, Contreras takes another hit, Mr. Contreras/Talks About John Bear, Contreras State? Gravitas fictitious?, How Bob Jones kicked Contreras' ass in '03. Also, read the comments on Mr. Contreras’s article at http://insidehighered.com/views/2005/08/30/contreras, And, finally, see More seized SRU material; how he signs his posts at that same public forum where he often posts not as a private individual, but in his capacity as a State Government Official.

There is also evidence that many of Mr. Contreras’s “evaluations” of schools appearing on the ODA website, are based to a significant extent on his personal whims and inclinations, personal likes and dislikes of schools and individuals involved in those schools and, also, as mentioned above, on the advice and personal likes and dislikes of his friends, some of whom are private individuals with vested interests in certain institutions of higher education and are, thus, biased against other institutions that might be regarded as competition. On a number of occasions, Mr. Contreras’s “evaluations” of and comments on a number of schools have been formally judged by Courts of Law as being false, inaccurate, distorted and even libelous. Two examples are Bob Jones and Kennedy-Western universities which launched successful legal action for libel against both ODA and Mr. Contreras. According to unconfirmed information, other similar legal suits against Mr. Contreras are currently pending.

Mr. Contreras’s current comments on Athenaeum University and the orchestrated attacks, in which all kinds of deliberately distorted and false information was used, embellished with gutter language and grossly defamatory characterizations of the university and its chief officer, are part of a personal vendetta by Mr. Contreras and his friends against Athenaeum’s chief officer who has frequently and repeatedly exposed publicly Mr. Contreras for his unethical practices and spurious “evaluations” of schools, as well as his friends’ vested interests behind their own frequent and unjustified attacks against legitimate schools.

Athenaeum University is a genuine, legitimate and properly licensed university with full degree-granting authority. Athenaeum University employs highly qualified faculty and offers high quality on-campus and online programs of study that are on a par with similar programs offered by major, fully accredited universities. None of the Athenaeum’s owners or staff works “with the owners of the ‘St. Regis University’ scam” as it is falsely claimed by Mr. Contreras on the ODA website.

Note: The above-mentioned communications between Athenaeum University and Mr. Contreras are kept on file at Athenaeum University.